What they're saying about Chris Visser & Antero Sports:


"The best sports programmer in the country, he'll likely end up doing the same thing in sports marketing..." - Kurt Kretzschmar, Sporting News Radio Network

"Vis is the best.." - Hank Goldberg, ESPN

"Persistent..." - John Elway

"Chris Visser is the Michael Jordan of sports producers..." - Rick Reilly, SI

"Simply the best sports producer I know..."   - Jim Saccomano, Denver Broncos

"The sports cruises he produced for us were some of our most successful cruises ever..."     - Peter Grant, Norwegian Cruise Lines

"Chris hit a Grand Slam!... Talk about CPM value!" - Ron Acosta, Miller Lite

"More contacts than anyone, biggest rolodex in sports!" - Len Weiner, ESPN

"Chris was a tremendous help to our charity fundraiser..." - Troy Aikman

"He blew us away getting Muhammad Ali, Pat Riley, Bob Beamon, Warren Sapp, Eddie Cheever, "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, Andre Dawson and Dave Barry to all attend our dinner... Wow!..." - Ron Sachs, Florida Sports Foundation

"If you don't hire him, you're making a mistake..."            - Bill Walton

"I'd follow him anywhere..."                                 - Mike Golic, ESPN 

"His idea was hugely successful and we raised more money with his event than with any we have had in years!..." - Julie Borgs Miller, AZ Special Olympics

"Just the guy, if you've got an important show to do!" - Mike Horvath, WPLG

"No question his sister, Lesley, got all the looks in their family!" - Dick Vitale